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My Story

If you watch my stories on Instagram, I have shared bits and pieces about my journey to “re-brand” myself as a blogger/influencer/ Instagrammer (what have you). Change is inevitable in all of us over time – our likes and interests change, our goals, our hobbies, etc. You could even say we all have a “brand” that makes us US, whether you put it out on social media or not. Because I do put a lot of my life out for everyone to read and watch, I have been thinking A LOT lately about what feels “right” when I share it, and what feels fake or just not ME. 

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Jett’s Wild & One Birthday Party

Jett’s first birthday party was a total success! Even though he won’t remember it – we will always have these photos to show him how much he enjoyed his cake!

Love this little boy with all our hearts!

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Jett is ONE!

Jett is ONE YEAR OLD!!! Our little guy turned one on Friday, and although his birthday party isn’t until this Saturday, we had to celebrate the day of by taking him to a splash pad with close family and friends!

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Kansas City favorites: Modern Society Boutique in Town Center Plaza

Just sharing some photos from an event at Modern Society this past weekend! If you live in the Kansas City area, check out this cute boutique in Town Center! It was so wonderful meeting a bunch of local bloggers and sippin’ on mimosas!

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Parents Weekend Out!: Santa Barbara

Our first long weekend without Jett since he was born!! We had a blast with friends in Santa Barbara and watched two dear friends of ours tie the knot at an INCREDIBLE venue that was breathtakingly gorgeous

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