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10 Teddy Coats that will keep you warm through winter

You never know how long a trend will be around for… Exhibit A: the teddy coat! When I first saw teddy coats last winter, I thought it was genius! Who doesn’t want to wear a fitted fuzzy blanket around masquerading as clothes?

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Jett’s toddler picks for fall/winter

Anyone else realize AFTER it started getting cold… that they needed to update their toddlers wardrobe for the fall and winter?? Guilty! I felt like we were re-wearing the one or two long sleeves Jett had, and even wearing jammie bottoms for awhile! I finally got around to ordering a few basics online as well as a couple coats, sweaters and shoes.

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Fridays & Photos: Working with your Instagram Husband

My husband has been my Instagram husband for longer than he has been my actual husband! I have had Brandon shoot my photos for my blog, or Instagram for about 7 years now and even though we still fight about it here and there, he has been really great at going along with it and helping me out whenever he can…. now It is true that Brandon owned a nice digital camera and had an interest in photography far longer than I have been around, HOWEVER, shooting outfit photos or photos for a blog is very different! In fact, that has probably been our biggest contention point.

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Pumpkin Patch Trip + a little Jett update: 15 months

We had finally dried out long enough (after a week straight of rain) to take a family trip to Deanna Rose to see all the animals, and take a hayride to the pumpkin patch and pick out a few for our front porch.

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FAQ- Emler Swim School: what to expect, what to bring, what you’ll learn

We started Jett at Emler when he was just 6 weeks old! I still can see his little face at that age when we got in the pool once a week to kick around. He was super serious about swimming, and had a look of concentration and intrigue while we floated him around the pool.

Jett is now 15 months old and can now hold his breath for 7 seconds underwater and is learning the skills to set him up to be a great swimmer.

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