Tough Subjects & Lots of Hope

I have been debating whether or not to write anything on the subject of our recent miscarriage. First I didn’t quite know what I wanted or felt like writing, two I didn’t know if it was something I even wanted to share about at all. I have always been a person that processes her feelings through written words – more than anything it helps me label how I am feeling and helps me feel BETTER about it. So I opened up a new blog post and just started writing.

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Friday: Give 5, Take 5: growing out my blonde, favorite Date spot, favorite Holiday Traditions

This weeks question & answer series!

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Tuesday Mom Thoughts

Being a parent is tough. (real shocker right?) Life has drastically changed the last year and (almost!) a half. Vacation has a different meaning these days and presents new challenges yet also new joys! The days are structured around nap schedules and daily activities are chosen based upon what would be fun are most enjoyable for Jett…

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FAQ- Emler Swim School: what to expect, what to bring, what you’ll learn

We started Jett at Emler when he was just 6 weeks old! I still can see his little face at that age when we got in the pool once a week to kick around. He was super serious about swimming, and had a look of concentration and intrigue while we floated him around the pool.

Jett is now 15 months old and can now hold his breath for 7 seconds underwater and is learning the skills to set him up to be a great swimmer.

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Saturday thoughts


What do you do when your toddler is napping – the house is completely clean (WHAT that never happens) and your husband is out of town. Write a random blog post I guess?

Here are some thoughts of the day.

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