4 ways that I have changed since having a baby

On my post the other day on our daily schedule, I mentioned how more balanced I feel I have become since having Jett – that now I am more purposeful and intentional with my time. Writing that out made me start thinking more about other ways I have changed since he was born – both the good and the not-so-good. It is crazy how much changes the moment you become a mother, and how much you learn about yourself in the process

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A day in the life…

The topic of balance has come up quite a bit recently. Balancing life as new parents- both with full time jobs and activities on the side. It has DEFINITELY been an adjustment ever since we added Jett to the mix, but for a few months now we have been in somewhat of a rhythm – an ever-evolving rhythm, but a rhythm just the same.

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My Valentine

“Well I’ll be your rainy day lover. Whenever the sunny days end.
And whatever the weather, we have each other.
And that’s how the story will end

Well I’ll be your shade tree in summer mmm.
If you’ll be my fire when it’s cold.
And whatever the season, well, we’ll keep on breathing.
Cause we’ll have each other to hold.

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January in Review

January in general was just a really great month.

 I am sitting here trying to articulate what it was exactly that made it that way, but honestly I can’t put my finger on one thing or another. I think for the most part we are really finding our groove in the adventures of parenting, and Jett has been such a joy to watch grow and learn by the day.

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Getting Body Back After Baby- Part one-and-a-half

It has been awhile since part one and for good reason. I wrote my story and thoughts on getting back in shape after having Jett when I was about 2.5 months post-partum. (That post here) Although I had seen a lot of change in the way I looked and felt, I still was (and still am) on that journey to feeling like I am in my “old body” again. In these past few months I have seen even more changes in my body with lots of hard work and consistency – but realized I needed to have some mental shifts as well.

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