Jett Oliver Cusick, a birthday story

Jett Oliver Cusick

Born 5:28 pm on July 20,2017

7 pounds 15 oz. 20.75 inches long

My due date had arrived and still no baby! Which was to be expected.. I figured he would be late since first time moms typically do go into labor a bit later anyway (may I add he is a Cusick, tardiness runs in his blood)


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40 weeks. Can you believe it?

So this is it!! My very last weekly update on this growing belly of mine.  I thought I would do this final one differently than all the rest because there is so much more to say than just a few sentences to answer those weekly questions I posed myself.

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Must-Have Baby Essentials

I have been putting together this list of items that are either already in my home, (or on my wishlist!) and realized how over half of them I become aware of through Instagram and seeing other mamas post a photo or share how much they loved them.

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Happy due date little boy!

WOW! It’s officially baby boy Cusick’s due date, and even though he has yet to make his appearance, we know it’s just around the corner, and in the meantime Brandon and I are just soaking up all the time we get together before our lives change forever!

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39 weeks

This could possibly be my last “bumpdate!!!” I know you are probably ready for me to be done with them..I know I am! Thanks so much to those of you who have followed along, it has been really fun for me to document the growing bump and my ups and downs and adventures along the way! Can’t wait to meet baby C!

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