All your baby questions answered (from a new mom still trying to figure it out)

Before I jump into it, I have to first say that I am for sure, not an expert when it comes to having and raising a baby (what first time mom is!?) I do feel like for the most part we now have a handle on the flow of things.. at least for the moment being – until something shifts again and we find ourselves having to learn and adapt to something new.

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The most rewarding (and the most challenging) parts of new-motherdom

The Three Best Things:

1. Early mornings with a happy baby

Most of the time, we start our days around 6:30 or 7, after the first feeding of the day (or you could say, last feeding of the night? … ) I have tried multiple times to lay him back down after that first feeding in hopes of getting another hour or two

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Happy Birthday Jett: photos and a little video

  LAST photos of the bump  

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The best after-baby dresses + my new diaper bag

It feels so great to start to feel like my old self in my old body once again! Like most things, I went into labor just expecting the worst when it came to my post-partum body (or I guess I just had no expectations, which is probably for the best). Now I still have a ways to go, but I am feeling a little bit more like my old self – slowly but surely. 

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Adjusting to life as a new family of 3 (and our first family photos!)

We have had little Jett in our lives for almost two weeks now and even though many days seem long and the nights even longer, I can’t believe how quickly time has gone by.

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