My morning & evening routine with IMAGE Skincare


Taking care of my skin has become SO important to me over the last few years. It was just this year that I made it one of my New Years Resolutions to really start focusing on a daily routine and to dive in and make the investment into products that give me the protection and care that I desire and deserve!

I started using Image Skincare in January after I pledged to take better care of my skin. Before finding this line of products, I was a soap + water + CVS brand lotion on my face girl (I am embarrassed to admit!) Since incorporating a morning and night routine I have noticed a HUGE change in the texture, feel, and look of my skin. These products brighten, hydrate and leave my skin feeling clean and refreshed! I am so pleased with my results that I wanted to share all the Image Skincare products I love and use every day and my go-to skin routine for both morning and night…(AND let you know that there may be a GIVEAWAY happening over on my Instagram account @megcusick, so you don’t want to miss out!)

my skincare routine

Morning AND Night

1. Cleanse: I first use water to gently wash my face and then I apply ORMEDIC balancing facial cleanser – I massage it into my skin for 30 sec – 1 minute, then wash off and use a towel to gently dry my face.

2. Anti-Age ProtectionApply ILUMA IntenseLightening Serum. This serum is great for evening out any skin discoloration and just makes my face feel bright and clean! I usually use about a pump and a half to get enough of the serum that will cover my entire face. I then let my face dry before applying any lotion.

3. Moisturize: Now the first two steps are the same both morning and evening (cleanse + Anti-Age protection). But the type of moisturize I use depends on the time of day:

            Morning: I apply the daily ultimate protection moisturizer SPF 50. I love this moisturizer because it contains sunscreen without feeling heavy or sticky, which most SPF lotions do!

            Evening: I apply the ILUMA intense brightening crème. This lotion feels lightweight yet leaves my skin feeling deeply moisturized. It also helps to diminish age spots and hyper-pigmentation to give my skin a more even, radiant tone. 

Now head on over to my Instagram page (@ megcusick )to enter in a Giveaway for a FREE ORMEDIC Cleanser & ILUMA Brightening Creme so you can try it for yourself!!



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  1. Jamie McBryan
    May 24, 2018 / 7:57 pm

    Meg, looking forward to trying some of their products!

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