Life Update- October


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October has brought along with it warm temperatures (no complaints over here) and many changes, challenges and triumphs for the Cusick Family!

First of all, we celebrated our 3 year anniversary! I actually had been thinking for the longest time it had only been two, and had told my dental hygienist a few weeks back that we were celebrating two years, and didn’t realize until later that it was in fact three. I guess time flies when you’re having fun!  We have always been such low-key celebrators.. not big on fancy gifts or anything, but rather enjoyed a casual dinner at our favorite neighborhood Italian place – baby free! It was also the first time we went on an official “date” without Jett since he was born. It was long overdue, but we really enjoyed the evening. A bottle of red wine, a little pasta and a Branzino dish that was pretty spectacular. 

Jett is growing, changing, and learning so much day to day. I think we both look to each other just to say “I love him SO much” pretty much every day. He is such a blessing, I couldn’t have imagined a better addition to the family. (I won’t go too much into little Jett right now, as he is quickly approaching three months old, in which, I will dedicate a full blog post on all his “isms” !) 

I returned to work last week, and I did have my moment – the evening before – where I cried and felt so guilty leaving my sweet babe during the days to come, realizing that the days of just the two of us had come to end. Even though I loved these last three months off, I definitely felt like I was missing out on adult conversation and companionship during those days at home alone with Jett. For me its really about a balance of dedicated time spent with Jett. Playing, feeding, and just holding him while he is still so little… but also having some time to work on my career and my passions. I am in my second week back at work, and I couldn’t have asked for a better transition. We have a nanny who has been so great, and when I get home every day Jett is smiling, happy, and his sweet little self.

Blogging has taken a bit of a backseat, and its taken me awhile to just be OKAY with that. I love photography, I love telling our story, (and of course sharing my favorite outfits!), but I realize being a mom comes first, and getting a schedule figured out will take some time. I promise I am not going anywhere! I hope you still choose to follow along, as I love sharing with you, my friends, family, and Instagram buddies!

Until next time!



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  1. October 17, 2017 / 8:38 pm

    Loved this post! It’s so hard balancing it all once you become a mom and I’m having the same issue with my blog. I love doing it but being a mom comes first in my book too so it’s definitely the one thing that’s suffered. All we can do is our best! Glad you’ll still be sharing when you can!
    Lauren | Midtown Magnolia Blog

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